“Caroline delivers consistently professional presentations and strikes a careful balance between putting people at their ease while still encouraging them to focus on the job of learning.”

Helen Simpson-Slapp, Occupational Therapist


Here are some of the comments made by clients and colleagues about my work in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness For Everyone), the Race Equality Cultural Awareness Programme (RECAP), bespoke course design and Person Centred Psychotherapy.

MHFA – train the trainer

Carolyne Kewn, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Child and Family Service, Wirral CAMHS Division

”I attended a seven-day Mental Health First Aid train-the-trainer programme in April 2009, which Caroline facilitated and mentored me. Caroline is a skilled communicator and combines core therapeutic skills of warmth, empathy and genuineness with a highly professional style of delivery of training and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. She is able to deliver complex material and potentially emotionally laden subject areas in a safe way, with a lightness of touch and with humour. A winning combination!”

Steve Upton, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Mental Health and Wellbeing, NHS Walsall Community Health

“I was a learner on a train-the-trainer course in Mental Health First Aid, which Caroline facilitated. She demonstrated an in-depth knowledge base and delivered the training in an interesting, inclusive and participatory way. She is also an experienced and highly skilled course writer and developer, and is able to design high quality bespoke training to meet the needs of your organisation. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to deliver your training and development needs.”

Bespoke training – course design

Kelly Hilbert, Learning & Development Adviser, Selwood Housing

“Our staff have found Caroline to be a professional trainer with personality and presentations that make them want to listen and find out more. Caroline can explain so that the whole room can understand and move forwards with the course. They comment that Caroline always refers to realistic examples and they feel they can apply the learning back in their roles.”

Trainee, Time Management course

“What did I like most about the session? The trainer! Very knowledgeable and realistic.”

Trainee, Time Management course

“I wish I had the opportunity to do this 30 years ago, I found it very helpful.”

Person Centred Psychotherapy

J.B, London

“I first went to see Caroline when I had a breakdown and my doctor advised me to have counseling. During the whole time I have been going I have always felt tremendously supported and cared for. I feel we have worked together at a pace that I have felt safe and comfortable with, in both slowly getting me off the anti-depressants I was taking and helping me to take the opportunity to find the positives that are also present but are so hard to see during very painful and difficult times. This has helped me become a stronger and more self-aware person. I can only encourage anyone in a similar situation to go and receive the help from Caroline that I have received and, to quote Caroline, ‘trust in the process’.”

D.M, London

“Thanks to Caroline, I have gained a clear understanding of what my strengths are and have been able to forge ahead in a new direction with confidence.”

D.S, Brighton

“I’ve been seeing Caroline for over a year now and I feel I’ve overcome a lot since seeing her. I strongly believe that if it wasn’t for seeing Caroline I wouldn’t have come as far as I have.”

J.S.L, Brighton

“I found myself on a precipice in 2003, with a negative view of all aspects of my life and the people in it. I was speeding towards isolation and depression – and the consequences that both hold. Caroline reintroduced me to the light and beauty which had always surrounded me, but to which I had become blind. The trust and understanding emanating from our counselling sessions has bled into all aspects of a life which is now positive, productive and downright wonderful.”

Colleagues’ comments

Chris Morgan, Business Development Director, Mental Health First Aid England

“I have worked with Caroline as trainer in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), as an instructor in MHFA and as a member of the MHFA England (CIC) National Training Team. I have the highest regard for her professionalism, integrity, and ability as a trainer. She is also fun to be with!”

Hári Sewell, National Project Lead, Race, National Mental Health Equalities Programme

“Caroline has been working with the National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU) and its predecessor for a year and has trained a team of trainers to deliver the Race Equality Cultural Awareness Programme (RECAP). Caroline’s role extended beyond this, to supporting trainers in running their programmes and facilitating development of training materials following end-user feedback.

“Members of the team of trainers have been very positive about Caroline’s ability to train and contain, drawing on her facilitation skills. Caroline has provided important continuity for the team of trainers during a period of change within NMHDU. This continuity and support for the trainers has enabled the programme of work to continue being delivered to the agreed specification.”

Ruth Barnett, Equality and Human Rights Commission & National Training Team, NMHDU

“Having conducted shared work with Caroline since 2008, I see at first hand how she blends a caring, professional and fun approach to training. Her eye for detail is meticulous and she gives 100% while being incredibly supportive. The material she produces is of optimum standard, even down to the quality of the paper. She makes each student feel special and always shows consideration for students’ needs. As a trainer she includes herself as part of the learning process and part of the group.”